Enterprise Communications

The Knight Sky SkyMAX Network: Secure. Reliable. Scalable.

The SkyMAX Network provides a secure satellite wide area network capable of delivering reliable and scalable global broadband IP connectivity to the military, federal agencies, state and local governments and commercial and non-profit organizations. Interoperability is achieved and maintained across legacy and next-generation technologies and between isolated enclaves while operating independent of terrestrial infrastructure. SkyMAX provides a wide range of ‘always-on' solutions, including Military and Defense Communications, Emergency Response and Management, Disaster Recovery and Continuous Operations, Remote Location and Mobile Unit Communications, Asset Tracking, Monitoring and Event Gathering, and News and Broadcast Services.

SkyMAX Overview


Knight Sky offers a variety of node-based internet converged voice, video and data service packages designed to meet the operational requirements our clients. Satellite terminal configuration options including Fixed, Suitcase, Transportable, Vehicle and Maritime provide the flexibility to support your most demanding requirements.

SkyMAX Enterprise

Managed Enterprise-class network services providing secure, dedicated bandwidth shared across the enterprise, enabling organizations to extend their terrestrial network to remote locations and mobile units.

SkyMAX Mobile

Satellite Voice over IP (VoIP), Radio over IP (RoIP), Videoconferencing and Content Delivery enable robust communications.

SkyMAX Tracking

Track and monitor your mobile assets in real-time, no matter how remotely dispersed they may be.

SkyMAX Backhaul

Dedicated backhaul connection to your headquarters seamlesslessly connecting your terrestrial and satellite networks, providing dedicated VPN access and redundancy for your terrestrial connections.

SkyMAX Mobile Communications Vehicle Leasing

Custom and turn-key mobile satellite communications-equipped vehicles.