Disaster Recovery and Restoration

Emergency Responders

Disaster Relief Depends Upon Reliable Communications

Following a disaster such as a hurricane, earthquake or flood, reliable communications connectivity and interoperability are critical to Recovery and Relief Efforts. Knight Sky's advanced technologies and depth of expertise helps first responders and relief teams leverage satellite communications, enabling immediate broadband connectivity to deliver lifesaving services not dependent on terrestrial infrastructure and supporting critical IP applications such as VoIP, RoIP, Internet access, streaming media and VPN connectivity.

Our SkyMAX Satellite Network provides full communications capabilities, including voice, data and video to emergency responders such as FEMA, the Federal Protective Services, the National Guard, State and Local Emergency Management teams and commercial corporations in areas devastated by disasters. Our Mobile Satellite Services enable mobile phone communications in disaster areas where the normal mobile communications have been interrupted.

Government Customers

For our government customers, we offer FISMA-Compliant Secure Broadband Satellite Services with access speeds from 1 Mbps to 155 Mbps for government agencies with requirements for incident site communications, temporary backhaul circuits, and satellite phones. See our GSA Schedule 70 SIN 134-55 or Custom Satellite Services (CS2-SB) IDIQ contract for details.

Commercial Customers

For our commercial customers, we offer immediate Internet and corporate connectivity to enterprise services not dependent on terrestrial infrastructure via incident site communications and temporary backhaul circuits to restore critical data communications and mobile satellite phone service to keep communications flowing in the organization.

Committed to Supporting Disaster Recovery

Knight Sky is committed to supporting the relief and recovery efforts from the devastation of disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes and floods. Contact us directly via our Contact form or by phone at 240-252-1950 to speak to a sales engineer and learn more about our solutions for your agency or business.