SkyMAX Backhaul Satellite Services

Skymax Backhaul

COOP and Remote Site Connectivity

Knight Sky's Fixed Satellite Service solutions are fully turn-key, managed solutions via our own SkyMAX™ network. SkyMAX Backhaul Services are designed to provide wireless service to a remote area in which no terrestrial connectivity exists. Building a terrestrial backhaul network to connect base stations to the core network isn't always possible; it can be cost prohibitive or technically challenging because of the terrain. With Knight Sky's SkyMAX Backhaul satellite technology, we enable our customers to provide voice and data backhaul from the farthest corners of the world. Satellite Backhaul services are a viable and competitive option for bringing wireless service to remote and rural areas. Satellite technology has a number of positive attributes that make it a perfect solution for supporting the wireless industry:

  • Offers ubiquitous coverage with high reliability
  • Can be installed quickly
  • Cost effective to operate and maintain
  • Supports Voice, Video, Radio, Data, VPN