SkyMAX Enterprise Satellite Services

Fully Managed, Fully Optimized

Knight Sky's Fixed Satellite Service solutions are fully turn-key, managed solutions via our own SkyMAX™ network. SkyMAX Enterprise Services are designed for end-users that require a dedicated end-to-end managed network service for voice, video, and data applications, independent of terrestrial infrastructure.  SkyMAX Enterprise Services consist of dedicated satellite bandwidth and associated resources that are allocated strictly to terminals within an enterprise network.  Terminals contend only with other terminals within the enterprise cloud, and advanced QoS and other policies can be implemented to define the level of service between locations by the client.  Knight Sky's Network Operations Staff manages all application services, such as VoIP, RoIP, and VTC, as part of the comprehensive end-to-end service.  SkyMAX Enterprise Services can be supplemented with a variety of add-on options.

SkyMAX Enterprise Service Levels

Knight Sky offers SkyMAX Enterprise Services at four different service levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum. Custom network configurations can also be designed from a variety of downlink and uplink circuits sized from 64 kbps to 155 Mbps, and from one to hundreds of remote locations. SkyMAX Enterprise services are managed network services which include network operations, customer care, and help desk services. Enterprise services are best suited for customers who operate from austere and/or geographically diverse locations, but desire secure and unified network architecture. The services are also excellent for occasional use situations such as video uplinks or video teleconferencing applications. SkyMAX Terminal service customers will also benefit by having the ability to upgrade from a low consumption service to a dedicated Enterprise circuit for restoration. Knight Sky offers the unique flexibility of enabling SkyMAX customers to upgrade between service levels on a monthly, weekly or daily basis within any annual contract.

  • SkyMAX Enterprise – Downlink/Uplink – Knight Sky can provide a customized network configuration best suited to meet the customer's individual requirements. The specific Enterprise service price is calculated by the network's aggregate bandwidth as a total of downlink circuit in and uplink circuit size in Megabits per second (Mbps).

  • SkyMAX Terminal Administration Fee – Customers pay a per terminal administration fee for each terminal they are using for SkyMAX Enterprise Services independent of the terminal type. This fee applies whether or not the customer has purchased a Fixed VSAT terminal from Knight Sky, or is using one of their own. This is a monthly fee which Knight Sky charges in order to keep the equipment configuration on file and to process monthly service reports.

  • SkyMAX Ad Hoc Enterprise Services – In addition to the annual contracts of the SkyMAX Enterprise Services, Knight Sky offers SkyMAX Enterprise Services on an ad hoc basis with monthly, weekly, and daily contracts.

  • Terminal Requirements – For most locations, a satellite terminal with a minimum receive G/T of 19 dB/K and a transmit EIRP level of 46 dbW is required. Knight Sky will provide minimum terminal requirements based on the client's location.