SkyMAX Communications Vehicle Leasing

Managed Fleet Services

Fixed Site Installation

Knight Sky's Communications Vehicle Leasing solutions are fully turn-key, managed services via our own SkyMAX™ network.   Based upon your specifications, we design a flexible, responsive and reliable mobile communications architecture, install it on the vehicle, perform the configuration and testing of the equipment and services, and then initiate our 24x7 monitoring and support of your vehicle and service.  Whether you need one mobile communications vehicle or a full fleet of them, we can provide a mobile solution customized to your needs.
While all of our Vehicle Leasing solutions are customized to our customer's requirements, a typical solution will include:

  • Gasoline or Diesel-fueled Vehicle
  • Vehicle Mount Mobile VSAT Antenna
  • RF Equipment (BUC, LNB)
  • Satellite Router Modem
  • Cisco Router / Wireless Router
  • Installation, Configuration and Test Services
  • SkyMAX Managed Network Services
  • 24x7 Service and Support