SkyMAX Asset Tracking Satellite Services

Satellites Orbiting EarthReal-time Location Tracking

Knight Sky's Asset Tracking Satellite Service solutions are fully turn-key, managed solutions via our own SkyMAX™ network, and encompass a wide range of services, applications and hardware options.

Global Positioning System (GPS)

Iridium Extreme, Inmarsat iSatPhone and BGAN phones, available from Knight Sky, support GPS tracking capabilities through email, SMS or SDM features. The Iridium Extreme also has a Programmable SOS – a red button on top of the phone that sends a distress alert, and adheres to Search and Rescue Standards. Position location with these devices is more accurate than cell phone tracking that is based on triangulation between cell towers.

All of our auto-deploy SkyMAX terminals are equipped with GPS that is used to automatically point the antenna to the proper satellite. The manual deploy terminals can be equipped with GPS as an optional feature. The GPS data is reported back to our NOC and can be reported and displayed on maps to determine a terminal's location.

We offer a wide range of software and services available for collecting, recording and displaying tracking data from these phones and terminals. Some systems are optimized for asset tracking activities, some for search and rescue activities, and others for law enforcement activities.

Short Burst Data (SBD) Services

Iridium's short burst data (SBD) Service provides an affordable, reliable, 2-way transport between remote terminals connected to field instruments , such as sensors or switches, and the central site responsible for monitoring them. Short Burst Data extends the global reach of Iridium to remote and mobile data applications highlighting the unique Iridium benefits of 100% global coverage, independence of terrestrial wireless infrastructure and extremely low message delivery latency. Messages can be delivered in email format or over HTTP to a preconfigured address, and can be integrated into a wide range of applications. Common uses include:

  • Monitoring: flow, level, temperature, pressure, other conditions
  • Tracking: heavy equipment or other valuable assets
  • Controlling: field equipment, switches, relays, access, other devices

Whatever your tracking and monitoring needs, Knight Sky can help you meet your requirements in a cost-effective, efficient manner.