Asset Tracking & Monitoring

Track and Monitor Your Mobile Assets in Real Time

If you need on-demand resource location mapping for fleet, vessel, cargo, vehicles or remote locations, Knight Sky has the expertise and can supply value-added products to provide a variety of customized tracking and monitoring solutions for individuals, governments and commercial users. We offer a wide range of solutions, including:

Truck Fleet
  • A wide variety of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) tracking devices and systems to meet specific needs
  • Custom-designed tracking systems tailored to meet your unique requirements
  • Tracking solutions that employ a combination of satellite, GSM, radio and RFID signals
  • Fully managed asset tracking solutions so that you can focus on your mission and goals, instead of worrying about logistics
  • Cloud-based Asset Tracking Portal provides 24/7 access to your tracked data
  • Our SkyMAX Network, a reliable and secure network meeting the most stringent U.S. Federal Government (FISMA, NIST and DoDI) requirements for attributes such as Information Assurance, Responsiveness, Flexibility / Optimization, Capacity, Coverage and Network Monitoring

Our staff consists of industry veterans who maintain our network with the best available technologies and hardware to maintain high speed performance at the highest network availability, ensuring the best end user experience. Our customers rely on the accuracy of our technical solutions, responsiveness of our Help Desk, and experience of our staff to keep them operational during the most mission-critical activities. Knight Sky can provide an Asset Tracking and Monitoring solution to meet your most demanding needs.