Emergency Management and Disaster Relief

Emergency Responders

Supporting Emergency Responders and Disaster Relief

In an emergency, reliable communications connectivity and interoperability can mean the difference between life and death. Knight Sky's advanced technologies and depth of expertise helps first responders and relief teams leverage satellite communications, enabling immediate broadband connectivity to deliver lifesaving services not dependent on terrestrial infrastructure and supporting critical IP applications such as VoIP, RoIP, Internet access, streaming media and VPN connectivity.

The Knight Sky SkyMAX Network is a managed satellite service specifically designed for federal, state & local emergency responders and all of their IP-based satellite communications needs. It is a is a reliable and secure network meeting the most stringent U.S. Federal Government requirements, and ensures first responders have full communications capabilities with voice, data and video whether in a densely populated urban area where the infrastructure is damaged, or a remote and isolated location where no infrastructure exists.

Our staff consists of industry veterans who maintain our network with the best available technologies and hardware to maintain high speed performance at the highest network availability, ensuring the best end user experience. Our emergency management customers, such as FEMA, DHS and the State of Virginia, chose the SkyMAX network because of its reliability, security and flexibility. They rely on the accuracy of our technical solutions, responsiveness of our Help Desk, and experience of our staff to keep them operational during the most mission-critical activities.

Knight Sky's SkyMAX services for emergency response offer pricing plans with surge services to support the operational requirements of disaster response and restoration. Our satellite terminal configuration options, including Fixed, Suitcase, Transportable, Vehicle and Maritime, provide the flexibility to support your most demanding emergency management and disaster relief requirements.