Enterprise Communications - SkyMAX

The Knight Sky SkyMAX Network: Secure. Reliable. Scalable.

The SkyMAX Network provides a secure satellite wide area network capable of delivering reliable and scalable global broadband IP connectivity to the military, federal agencies, state and local governments and commercial and non-profit organizations. Interoperability is achieved and maintained across legacy and next-generation technologies and between isolated enclaves while operating independent of terrestrial infrastructure. SkyMAX provides a wide range of ‘always-on' solutions, including Military and Defense Communications, Emergency Response and Management, Disaster Recovery and Continuous Operations, Remote Location and Mobile Unit Communications, Asset Tracking, Monitoring and Event Gathering, and News and Broadcast Services.

Always On, Always Reliable

Knight Sky's VSAT Satellite Service solutions are fully turn-key, managed solutions via our own SkyMAX™ network. Knight Sky's SkyMAX airtime service is a unique ‘Always On' service which provides high speed Internet Protocol (IP) connectivity for interoperable voice, video, radio and data applications. SkyMAX service provides connectivity to any mobile vehicle, maritime vessel or fixed site anywhere in the United States. The service is an innovative solution which incorporates multiple satellites and ground-entry points to provide highly resilient and reliable communications. SkyMAX has been designed specifically for the emergency responder and the public safety community to provide wide area connectivity the Public Internet for austere locations or incident sites. Services are available in flexible service plans designed match the way your organization uses bandwidth. Best of all, even occasional users can get the benefits of the highest access speeds possible while only paying for services actually used. SkyMAX VSAT Service plans can be enhanced with optional services and features, including the ability to adjust service levels on a month to month basis.

SkyMAX Surge Airtime Options

The following options are available for all customers of Knight Sky's SkyMAX VSAT Services, and are available at any level of service.

  • Prepaid Reserve Gigabytes – To accommodate unscheduled events, Knight Sky offers the ability to reserve gigabytes for use anytime over the course of an annual contract at a discounted rate. As monthly overage occurs, gigabytes will be subtracted from the reserve pool. Once the reserve pool is depleted, gigabytes in excess of the monthly allowance will be subject to the standard Overage Charge.

  • Overage Charge – For customers who exceed their initial monthly gigabyte allowance and do not expand their gigabyte per month volume limit with any of the available options, an overage charge will be billed to the nearest one hundred megabytes.

Need Service?

View to learn more about SkyMAX and the different data plans: SkyMAX Brochure

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