Exploration & Remote Communications

Keeping You Connected, No Matter How Remote
Your Teams May Be

Satellite Phone User in the Mountains

Whether your explorations are in support of oil & gas drilling, mining, scientific surveys, or just the need to see what's on the other side of the mountain, Knight Sky has the expertise and superior services to keep your teams connected to the home office and to critical applications such as VoIP, VPN, Internet access, tele-and video-conferencing and streaming media.

The Knight Sky SkyMAX Network is a reliable, flexible and secure managed satellite service meeting the most stringent U.S. Federal Government requirements for attributes such as Information Assurance, Responsiveness, Flexibility / Optimization, Capacity, Coverage and Network Monitoring. Our staff consists of industry veterans who maintain our network with the best available technologies and hardware to maintain high speed performance at the highest network availability, ensuring the best end user experience. You can rely on the accuracy of our technical solutions, responsiveness of our Help Desk, and experience of our staff to keep your teams operational during the most mission-critical activities.

Knight Sky's SkyMAX services offer scalable pricing plans with surge services to support your operational requirements and our satellite terminal configuration options, including Fixed, Suitcase, Transportable, Vehicle and Maritime, provide the flexibility to support your most demanding requirements.

We also offer a full line of value-added, robust personal communications systems to keep your staff connected in the field and on the go. We are an authorized reseller for Thuraya, Inmarsat and Iridium equipment and airtime services. Whatever your Remote Communication needs, Knight Sky can supply the solution.