Federal and Defense

Supporting Our Country and Its Troops

Knight Sky provides reliable, secure and resilient satellite, network and information systems solutions and strategies to government agencies and military customers. The projects summarized below provide a brief synopsis of the scope of some of the products and services we have successfully delivered to our federal and military customers.

Department Of Homeland Security

DHS SealFederal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

Knight Sky provides FEMA's Disaster Emergency Communications with our SkyMAX network satellite airtime services, equipment and professional engineering services. The SkyMAX managed network services are specifically designed for the Emergency Responder community, by enabling an "always on" mission-ready network access with surge capabilities up to 10 Mbps, providing support to more than 200 FEMA fixed sites, vehicles and fly away units during a variety of national emergencies such as hurricanes, tornados, wild fires, and national events.

Homeland Security
U.S. Department of Homeland Security (Headquarters)

In support of the DHS Operations Directorate, Knight Sky designed, installed and operated the Emergency Response VSAT Network which supports all 50 States and 4 Territories with Sensitive-But-Unclassified (SBU) and Classified (SECRET) voice, data and video communications. The network is geographically redundant with two teleports, one located in Washington DC and the second in San Diego CA. The network supports the Primary Federal Official (PFO), the Situational Awareness Team (D-SAT) and the Public Affairs Office (PAO).

Federal Protective Service (FPS)

Knight Sky provides FPS's Critical Incident Management Branch with our SkyMAX network satellite airtime services, equipment and professional engineering services. Supported by our SkyMax managed satellite network and robust services such as VoIP, Video and RoIP, FPS's nationwide fleet of federal law enforcement mobile response vehicles are ready for deployment at a moment's notice in response to national events and emergencies.

Department of Defense

Dept. of the Army SealUS Army Network Enterprise Technology Command (NETCOM/9th SCA)

In support of the Army Enterprise Active Directory (AEAD) migration and consolidation program, Knight Sky provided subject matter expertise in the requirements analysis and development of implementation plans and prerequisites for the successful consolidation of the globally-dispersed Army AD forests and domains. This effort included the implementation of a custom automated data gathering toolset across multiple geographic locations, the engineering analysis of the location-specific structured data elements and the determination of the technical requirements for migration of the disparate infrastructures.

National Guard Bureau J6

NGB SealKnight Sky supported the National Guard Bureau in their efforts to conduct the Incident Response Satellite Communications Systems Deployable Terminal Fielding Study. The studies defined the requirements associated with satellite networks, ground stations and deployable communications solutions related to Defense Support to Civil Authorities and consequence management communications. The study enabled the NGB-J6 to prioritize funding and mission objectives as part of their block and spiral development of deployable communications capabilities, as they support the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security and first responders.

DISA SealDISA – Transformational Communications (TCO)

Knight Sky provided highly technical consulting support to DISA's Transformational Communications Engineering Office. As DISA worked to insert new technologies into its satellite architecture, it relied heavily upon Knight Sky for analysis, testing, exercise support and assistance. Our team of technical and subject matter experts provided DISA with real-world experience, as well as an understanding of emerging technology applications.