Network Operations and Customer Care Center

24x7x365 Expertise, Reliability and Accessibility

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As a managed satellite network operator, Knight Sky operates a 24x7x365 Network Operations Center (NOC) and Customer Care Center from our Frederick, MD facility, staffed with security-cleared and DoDI 8570.1-compliant security certified engineers and technicians.  From this NOC, Knight Sky continuously monitors and manages the network services.  Our primary customers are federal, state and local government agencies with secure mission critical operations.  These agencies include the Department of Homeland Security, the National Guard Bureau, and State Emergency Management Agencies. Our network services are designed to support bandwidth-intensive voice, video and data applications, and are fully FISMA-compliant.

The Knight Sky NOC provides all aspects of management, administration and performance monitoring of the network and spectrum of the network services, including voice, video and data applications. The Customer Care Center provides technical support and customer assistance to authorized users and customer administrative/operations staff.  Services provided include:

  • Routine troubleshooting, fault isolation and repair
  • Service restoration
  • Surge capacity activation • Terminal activation and service commissioning
  • Terminal pointing, peaking and polarization optimization
  • Network configuration control, including addressing and subnetting assignments
  • Real time service activation and Direct inward Dial(DiD) assignments
  • Quality of Service policy management for optimal user experience
  • Remote management of satellite modems and baseband side equipment
  • Utilization and performance reports, including service availability, latency, time to restore, grade of service, bit error rate, jitter, event notification, and time to restore

In addition to providing NOC and Customer Support services for our customers from our own facility, we have extensive experience in providing highly-skilled, security certified and SECRET/TOP SECRET-cleared personnel deployed to a wide variety of CONUS/OCONUS customer sites in support of our customers' diverse satellite communications networks. Knight Sky has the expertise and experience to meet your most complex Network Operations needs.