Always Connected: Satellite Communications Products

Knight Sky offers sales and service of a wide range of leading industry products, and can provide turnkey installation and commissioning of a variety of communications products for permanent facilities, data centers, transportable or maritime vehicles. Satellite terminal configuration options including Fixed, Suitcase, Transportable, Vehicle and Maritime provide the flexibility to support your most demanding requirements.

Vehicle-mounted Communications Products

Vehicle Mounted Satellite DishA variety of solutions designed for high use, accuracy, reliability and dependability in a communications dependent mobile environment.

Portable Communications Packages

IntellianTransportable and ultra-portable satellite communications solutions that include satellite terminals that are small enough to be carried in suitcases or backpacks, portable kits that support Voice-over-IP services, and technical support services that include training and field engineering.

Maritime Communications Products

IntellianFrom the largest Ocean-going vessels to fish- and workboats or leisure yachts and sailboats, keep your fleet connected with these reliable communication and safety systems for all seafarers.

Fixed Site Communications Products

Rooftop Permanent InstallationWhether connecting remote sites to the headquarters or providing a COOP solution for your primary location, these Fixed Site products keep your mission ‘always on.'

Personal Mobile Communications

Personal EquipmentIn the field and on the move, these state-of-the-art communications systems will keep you connected and operational.