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Research and Development Support

Our staff has extensive experience with fundamental research and analysis of various disciplines within the satellite communications field. Several of our key staff were resident at COMSAT Laboratories supporting scientific advances in satellite technology such as Ka-band systems, digital video, and satellite modem technologies.
Knight Sky performs research, evaluation and certification testing of various satellite communications systems, products and components. We have supported the US Army, the National Guard Bureau, DISA, and Special Forces Command our efforts have resulted where essential results used to determining future satellite communications program, policies and procedures.
We have been a leader the area of network optimization of real time applications on satellite communication networks utilizing internet protocols. The performance and behavior of VoIP, video and encrypted data channels over various SCPC and TDMA satellite architectures is a particular challenge while meeting all government security and information assurance guidelines and procedures.  

Engineering, Systems Engineering, and Process Engineering Support

Knight Sky has excelled in the design, installation, and operations of mobile communications networks, information technology services, systems integration, and enterprise applications. We support our customers through every step of the project lifecycle from conceptual design and architecture, and installation and configuration, to operations and maintenance. Our services typically start with a detailed needs assessment from which we develop an accurate requirements document. We then develop a best-value strategy and systems solution from the requirements foundation. Our engineering team works side-by-side with our customers through the details and intricacies of the overall architecture and design.

System Design Documentation and Technical Data Support

Knight Sky provides a full set of system design documentation which is managed an maintained under full configuration control . The system documentation packages are customized to each program. Our system design documentation packages include top level design schematics, interconnect diagrams, assembly drawings, test procedures and test data results. All program documentation is maintained and managed on cloud based facilities , accessible through a secure role based authentication system. All appropriate document configurations are employed to facilitate engineering change control and approval processes.

Technical Training Support

Technical training is a key element of the overall SATCOM services solution set that Knight Sky delivers. Knight Sky decided early on to augment our own classroom and hands-on training efforts with an online component that can be easily accessed by our customers in the field. Our online program includes applied exercises that help end users acquire and retain the knowledge and skills that are necessary to operate and maintain the satellite communications equipment and services that we provide.

Classroom Training: Using our staff of highly qualified subject matter experts, Knight Sky routinely provides classroom training covering general IT networking and satellite communications technologies and principles. In addition, we typically provide detailed training on the specific network, which we have designed and integrated as part of the routine hand-off to government personnel. The training includes an overview of the network design, concepts of operation and routine maintenance activities. Classroom training includes student’s participation through individual access to network configuration and system monitoring applications to thoroughly understand screen navigation, system metrics and reporting tools.

Hands-On Training: It is always essential for equipment operators to receive hands-on training using the actual equipment they will be operating and maintaining. We provide operational equipment with access to a test satellite network. All aspects of equipment configuration, network access and troubleshooting can then be covered in a real life scenario. Students are also taught how to troubleshoot and isolate problems to a single line replaceable unit, in order to practice field repair and maintenance.

Web Based Training: Knight Sky also offers online training in partnership with the Global VSAT Forum (GVF). Knight Sky has teamed with GVF to offer an integrated training program to its customers, especially in the warfighter and technical support community. The GVF program has been endorsed by the international satellite industry and offers three levels of SATCOM Professional certification for fixed VSAT professional installers, field technicians, and engineers. Each of these online courses contains a hands-on skills test that can be completed at Regional Training Centers, which are located in every major region of the world. Knight Sky is deeply committed to supporting its customers, both novice end users and technically competent professionals, with the appropriate training programs, as training is an integral part of our project lifecycle and professional services solution.

Interoperability, Testing and Evaluation, and Trials

Knight Sky provides pre-exercise planning to the testing, data collection and post exercise reports and for various entities are asked to simulate real world scenarios where they must communicate through their respective emergency communications systems.

We have participate in many interoperability tests and exercises, such as the DoD Interoperable Communications Exercises (DICE) and Joint User Group Interoperable Communications Exercises (JUICE). Knight Sky has also performed certification testing for Wideband Global SATCOM (WGS) equipment. Knight Sky developed many of the test procedures used by U.S. Army Space & Missile Defense Command/Army Forces Strategic Command (SMDC/ARSTRAT). Knight Sky’s test engineers can develop custom testing scripts and algorithms to accelerate testing through automation so that testing can be completed within days rather than weeks.


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