Thuraya Equipment and Services


Thuraya IPThurayaIP provides broadband IP services up to 444 kbps and advanced video streaming up to 384 kbps using a compact, ultra-lightweight satellite terminal. The ThurayaIP terminal is rugged yet easy to set up. It is ideal for humanitarian workers, media, oil & gas companies, corporate, and government users who require a temporary office with broadband connectivity. ThurayaIP allows users to stay connected to corporate headquarters, transmit data and share applications.

XT Satellite Phones

Thuraya SO-2510 HandsetThuraya XT satellite phones offer easy-to-use, cost-efficient communications in Europe, the Middle East, most of Africa, Asia and Australia. These phones operate on Thuraya's geostationary satellite network and are designed for users traveling in demanding environments. Thuraya satellite phones are splash water, dust and shockproof. Available in satellite only and dual satellite-GSM mode, Thuraya XT handsets provide you with continuous Internet connectivity at speeds of up to 60 kbps via GmPRS (Geo mobile Packet Radio Service). In addition to offering GPS waypoint navigation with tracking capabilities, with Thuraya XT satellite phones users can make voice calls, browse the internet, send and receive emails, and even access the corporate network, all from your Thuraya XT handset..