Vehicle-mounted Communications

Stay Connected On the Move

Vehicle Mounted Mobile VSAT Antennas are a cost effective solution for broadband connectivity. These antennas can be mounted on smaller vehicles and provide a range of data rates using low power transmit block up converters (BUCs).  In addition to offering a wide range of solutions, we also provide installation and maintenance services, to help you keep your fleet in optimum condition. Let Knight Sky help you determine the best vehicle-mounted solution for your needs.

Vehicle Mounted Mobile VSAT

Vehicle Mounted Mobile VSAT Antennas

Vehicle Mounted Antenna Systems are available with a variety of options for controller, BUC mounts and feeds. Standard features on all models are low stow heights, high wind resistance, rugged environmental endurance, and reliability. Sizes range from .75m to 1.8m.Vehicle Mount Mobile VSAT Antennas offer the following features and benefits:

  • Operate independently of terrestrial-based communications systems that are susceptible to local service interruptions, natural disasters and sabotage.
  • Are an alternative to T1 installation, providing cost effective, high-bandwidth broadband connectivity to mobile users.
  • Are ideal for homeland defense, disaster/crisis management, emergency and corporate communications.
  • Provide video, voice, IP and data communication from any point to any other point on earth with extraordinary reliability and higher data rates than comparable products.
  • Mount on almost any vehicle, including those as small as an SUV or mini-van.


Fly and Drive Antennas

AvL's unique Fly&Drive Antennas provide the maximum versatility for satellite communication users that desire the flexibility of both a vehicle-mounted antenna and the additional portability of a flyaway in one motorized antenna system. Available in both SNG and Mobile VSAT configurations, the highly-robust but light-weight systems are packaged in three containers, each that meets air freight requirements for weight and and size allowing the system to be transported anywhere you can fly or drive.

Fly and Drive Antenna

Standard features of the 1278KFD include:

  • 2 axis AvL Cable Drive positioner 400° Az & 0-90° El
  • 1.2m reflector
  • 2-Port feed with removable connection
  • 25ft (8m) RG59 coax and Controller interconnect cables umbilical kit
  • 1 Palletized Case
  • 1 Reflector Bag
  • One button auto-acquisition controller
  • Fully Automatic Satellite Acquisition, Peaking, and Cross-Pol Adjustment using GPS, Compass, and Level Sensor Inputs with Entry of Desired Satelliteize allowing the system to be transported anywhere you can fly or drive.